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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Back on the Writing Horse?

I have been at my new job in the greater Boston area for about six weeks. Today, one of my co-workers asked me how I like living here and what do I like to do on my days off. I drew a blank.


"What are your hobbies?"

"Uhhh...I like to read and watch Netflix. And I have a ukulele." That was it. That was all I could come up with. 

Someone made a joke about how I must be a "dud." I laughed along with it, but the whole time I was thinking: "Oh my god, she's right. I am a dud. I am a hobby-less loser."

It got me wondering: What do I like to do? I didn't lie; I do watch a lot of Netflix, I do like to read and I do have a ukulele (even though I haven't touched it in a few weeks). But I don't have any real hobbies, nothing that I'm passionate enough to do on a regular basis. I love music and I can't get through one day without singing, whether it's in the car or in the shower, but I'm not motivated to get involved with any music groups. What exactly am I doing with my free time? Nothing productive, I know that.

While I was thinking all of this, the woman who originally asked the question was listing off all the things she likes to do and she mentioned writing. Ding, ding. ding.

Writing, of course. This blog and my online portfolio have been sitting here collecting metaphorical dust for months. And, if my memory is correct, I like writing. Hell, I even voluntarily took writing classes in college. I mean, it's not a secret that I'm no Jack Kerouac or Hunter Thompson (shout out to certain writer friends), but I remember doing it. Often. In all forms. I wrote crappy poetry as a kid, I wrote cliche song lyrics as a teenager, and I wrote essays and articles in college.

So why not start up again?

This blog was originally for a senior capping project that I tried to keep going, but to no avail. I think this primarily was because I was trying to keep all my posts relevant to my industry — grammar, media, things in the news, blah blah blah. But now, I'm thinking about a makeover, about making the blog my "hobby." Maybe I'll write on this blog when I want, about what I want. And maybe people will read it, maybe they won't. Maybe I'll even start adding things to my online portfolio again...I'm probably getting ahead of myself.

The point is, I should — I want — to start writing again. Let's just see if anything worth reading escapes from my brain to my fingertips.

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