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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Senior Capping Projects to Check Out

As I have talked about in past posts, I am a senior at Marist College and this blog is part of my senior capping project. Many of my classmates also have blogs or websites for their projects, as well. Below are brief descriptions of my class' projects, including those that do not have a blog or website, but are just as cool.
  • Grad School: An Inside Track on Applying is a blog about the "insider's scoop" on the grad school application process. The author shares her experiences as well as writing samples, since she is apply to graduate school for creative writing. I recommend reading her pieces.
  • Scandalism is a blog about scandals in journalism from the '80s to the present. Her latest post (as of today, Nov. 2) focuses on plagiarism--something every journalist knows that they shouldn't do, but also something that has caused many scandals. 
  • Marist Football Network is a website that Marist's The Circle has compared to NFL Live, except on a much smaller scale. Nonetheless, the Marist Football Network covers Marist football "like never before," using tools like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.
  • How to be a Successful Musician is exactly what its title says: a blog about how to make it as a musician. This author gives tips from everything to writing song lyrics to how to prepare to shoot a music video. Musicians who are just starting out can relate.
  • Marist College Dress for Success is a fashion minor's blog about how to make a good first impression appearance-wise when you go in for an interview. Having top-notch credentials are great, but you can take it up a notch to awesome with this blogger's help.
  • Betweenthell ("between the lines") is a blog by two female athletes working to dispel preconceived  notions about athletes. This informative blog educates readers on the real responsibilities and lifestyles of athletes and works to help high school athletes transition to college athletics.
  • Dining with Celiac is a blog written by a classmate with celiac disease--"gluten free" is what many call it. The author blogs about the difficulties of eating out when you have to deal with celiac and posts reviews of places where he has eaten.  
  • ModernTravelTalk is a blog written by two lovely ladies who have a passion for travel and adventure. The blog provides tips, suggestions, and ideas about travel, such as where to go for day trips and how to travel cheaply. 
  • From the Court is a blog following Marist men's basketball. Posts include updates on how practices are going, profile blurbs on the players/coaches, and photographs of the dedicated players. One post was written very early in the morning before practice to show the kind of lifestyle the players have to maintain.
Although these groups do not have blogs or websites that I can direct you to, I would still like to mention these interesting projects:
  • Working Title Productions - Two of my classmates are doing an SNL-like sketch comedy television show. Some of their sketches will be spinoffs or spoofs of some well-known SNL routines.
  • Refreshing Residence Life - These two resident assistants are giving the Marist housing website a major facelift by adding more interactive options.
  • LuEsther's Choice - A documentary about LuEsther Mertz, a businesswoman and philanthropist who spent most of her life helping others. She founded Choice Magazine Listening, the audio versions of magazines for people who visually impaired.
  • Foxtalk Magazine - A semesterly magazine that is all about Marist (called "Foxtalk" because we're the Marist Red Foxes). Articles cover everything from band to Marist in Manhattan.

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