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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Partying - What Do You Think?

I just posted a piece on Monica's Creative Juices called "My First College Party," which tells the story of when I went to a frat house my freshmen year in college. I've never really been a huge party person, even now when I'm officially 21 and a senior in college. I don't like to get drunk, and when everyone at a party is more buzzed than you are, it's kind of a drag. Everything is funnier and more entertaining when you're drunk, but to sober people you look like a mess.

I don't really consider Marist a party school, but it does carry the stereotype that everyone who goes here is a partier. I don't deny this--there are A LOT of stereotypical party girls and party guys here. Ever hear of "Tipsy Tuesday," "Wacky Wednesday," and "Thirsty Thursday?" I'm not sure if weekend days have nicknames, too, but I guarantee people party it up. When I say "party" in this context, I'm really referring to when people go out to clubs/bars/parties with the intention of getting drunk. That's what bothers me.

I understand the idea that "drinking is a part of the college experience," but in my opinion there's something wrong when you have to get wasted multiple times a week to have a good time. I did go through a phase when I thought drinking was cool, before and after I turned 21, but I never drank with the goal of getting smashed.

What do you think about partying? Leave your comment here and give me your opinion. 

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