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Monday, September 19, 2011

Why I Created This Blog

Hello, all. My name is Monica Speranza and I'm a communication major with a concentration in journalism at Marist College. I created this blog as part of my capping project, which involves an aggressive self-marketing scheme. Of course, my project is more than that. I'm going to begin writing and posting various articles, essays and creative nonfiction on my website I made to act as my online portfolio (Monica's Creative Juices). But A Write Hook is where I will blog about my postings, my internship at NetPublications, Inc. and my adventures in the communication and publishing fields. I hope this blog will entertain and interest those who stumble upon it.

Also, if you want to support me, look for updates about the website, Twitter and Facebook so you can read my writing, follow, re-tweet and "like." Thank you!

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